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One need not go back many years in time before it was an impossibility for Norwegians to play blackjack, baccarat and other casino card games. The only chance they had to play short-based casino game was about one went on long trips abroad, for example, Las Vegas and other cities with casinos. In recent years inroads by online casinos, however, has changed this radically. Now you can using a PC, mobile or tablet Choose from a variety of online casinos to play a very large variety of different casino games. You need, in other words not to go abroad anymore to play blackjack, video poker, caribbean stud poker or other more or less known casino games.

There are a variety of different casino games, but the common denominator for many of the is that they are based on regular cards. Blackjack is enough perhaps the most popular card game of the all and it is short the vast majority of us knows how to work, but the vast majority do not know how this game is played optimally. Did you know that you should always draw a card when the dealer's up card is 7 and you have 16 on hand, Very few people do just this and that way they achieve a lower payout percentage than what they could have done if they had put themselves completely into the game of blackjack and what is the optimal strategy.

There are also a number of other casino card game that is not so well known among Norwegian players. Many of these card games can be difficult to understand if you have never played the before and sometimes complicated rules put an end to many. Some of the games also require some knowledge and strategies that they can be played smoothly. This website is designed to be an information page when it comes to exactly such casino card game. We have made ??a thorough introduction to the most popular card games you can find in a casino. You can find information on everything from the rules that apply to the game, how you play it, you also get information which strategy is the best idea to use the different casino games. We recommend anyone wanting to learn more about blackjack and other casino card games to read our guide, we are confident that you are going to pick up some clever tricks along the way.

You can play card games and completely free and without registration on our sites, this provides an excellent opportunity to learn games, or is it simply free entertainment. It can also often be wise to train up both when it comes to strategy and rules before attempting a new card game in a casino with real money. Should you wish to try out some casino card games we have created guide to real money at a Norwegian casino , we recommend you choose a casino that we endorse. Online casinos we recommend are safe and good casino that provides a fair and safe games. In the menu on the right you will find an overview of the Norwegian-language online casinos that we recommend.

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