Best Playtech Casinos

Casinos from PlayTech offer good bonuses on the first deposit . There are two types of bonuses: fixed (from 50 to 300 dollars) and percentage (usually 50% of up to $ 500). The bonus is usually calculated automatically by the deposit, but some can provide you with the choice of the form of bonus: the percentage or fixed. Wager at the casino from PlayTech is high, between 18 and 150 sizes of the deposit depends on the type of game, so carefully read the rules. For example, in most cases you will not be able to withdraw the bonus from your account as long as the wager will not work - the size of the bonus will automatically be deducted from your gaming account when withdrawing money.

Carefully review your interface and especially the cashier (Cashier). By clicking the Comp points («Comp points») - they are charged at a rate of 0.1% of the bets - you can easily determine the size of bets and convert Comp Points to real money. In addition, some casinos offer no deposit bonus in the amount of 10-30 dollars and almost all casinos from PlayTech offer Refer-a-Friend bonus, ie bonus to attract each other. Casino by software from PlayTech offer an incredible array of games and it's definitely their forte: Blackjack (Regular, Switch, Pontoon, progressive), roulette, baccarat, craps, Pai Gow, Carribean Poker, Red Dog, Let it Ride, Tequila Poker, keno, mahjong and pachinko, there are various games such as "Guess", so many kinds of video poker and slots - up to 50 lines of both. Most of the games also in multiplayer. Casino PlayTech also offer "live" games - video tracklayer real games roulette, baccarat, blackjack and sic bo, where you can make your bet - it's original and certainly interesting "highlight" in the world of online casinos. The minimum rates quite standard: $ 1 for card games, 25 cents for slots and video poker, 1 cent for multilinker. Free practice can be both online and offline.

Soft very colorful, the Russian language is present almost everywhere. Set casino from PlayTech is simple enough, but little choice during installation you will not be: you first need to download and run the installation program (about 150 KB) which set the minimum version to 5 MB, and then, after numerous tests, will be pumped all games - it 100-150 MB. Every a disabled Internet, and only then, if you choose the game, log into the network.

Thus, the undisputed plus casino from PlayTech is a colorful interface, a wide range of gaming and entertainment, hassle-free input / output of money and a good support service. Among the disadvantages are not very generous bonuses, and not very smooth outcome of a game at short distances: never had complaints about the honesty of the casino from PlayTech at long distances, playing long blackjack or poker it is easy to make, but in the short run as a casino can much to please the player win generous and incredibly upset. Not all players like to a degree of risk.

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