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All kinds of bonuses combines the need to meet certain conditions to obtain real money. Sometimes, these conditions may be impractical for you. So before you enjoy the bonus will not be superfluous to carefully read the terms and conditions of its reception. In the absence of the necessary information useful to contact support your casino Bonuses offered by casinos, not to be confused with a loan or a free outdoor game account. Bonus - it is a gift, which is given, for example, for opening your deposit for your gaming activity, etc. Bonuses may be fixed or the interest accrued on a monthly basis or at other times. Online slots på VJ management showed great ingenuity in question loyalty to deter them in their institutions and improve their gaming activity.

Usually to get a bonus, you'll have to bet a certain amount. This amount may be ten times the size of the bonus. For example, to your account will be credited $ 10, you should make a total bet of $100. If during the game you will win on average the same as put, the bonus will be your profit. But who can guarantee that by making bets $100, you will not lose $10 or more.

In the overwhelming number of cases, the bonus is indeed a gift of the player, it is easy to recoup and not fraught with hidden threats. But occasionally a bonus can be dangerous for you. What is the danger of a bonus? Sometimes when calculating the bonus the player loses the right to withdraw money from his account to complete wagering, and the bonus is calculated automatically so without your consent. At the same time the conditions of the bonus wagering can be very hard, and as long as you act out it, you can lose all your money, and you have nothing to be withdrawn from the account.

So watch out for your deposits. If you see that the amount in the account increased for unknown reasons to you, do not play until then, until you are sure you are safe accrued bonus. Your first bet will be regarded as consent to the terms of the bonus and then you will not be able to give it up, and it will need to fully play to unlock the money for the output. Please contact support and face the bonus, if you think that it is not beneficial for you. Sometimes Casino stipulate specific games in which your bet will count towards wagering. For example, in offset can only go bet on Slot-machines and betting in roulette in the standings are not taken. If you do not possess such information, then spend a lot of effort and money, and did not get my bonus.

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