Slot Machines

Slot machines are found not only in these casinos, but in the virtual casinos, not counting the McCarran Airport in Las Vegas. However, these machines so popular more than modest history. Slot machines began their existence in the late 20th century, when German immigrant August Fay (August Fey), who settled in San Francisco, fashioned a metal box with three reels. All drums were painted various symbols, including bells, and each time, all three bells lined up in a row, the player gets the grand prize. The idea was quickly picked up, and no later than ten years old, a native of Chicago , Herbert Mills perfected "Automatic with bells, "adding a few characters on the drums and expanding the game screen so that players could be seen, as they did not have enough to win the hand. Mills put slot machines on the production flow, and soon became its products sell well all over the country. Initially, instead of cash prizes were given slots in order to avoid violations of the law, but when gambling was legalized in Nevada in 1931, slot machines with cash payments quickly spread to local casinos.

In 1960, the company Bally has replaced traditional mechanical electronic machines. This greatly accelerated the collection and payment of money slots, and quickly ascended to the top of the company Bally slot machine market. Currently, slot machines are a huge number of bells and whistles on their drums, a lot more than you can imagine. And while some of the "one-armed bandits" and retained their "hand", for which the players have to pull to start the drum, the player can control any modern slot using the buttons on the screen. Upgraded slot machines take multiple coins, which results in a gain in 9 different lines, and offer huge jackpots. But the evolution of "armed bandits" did not end there - now they are available in the World Wide Web. With the proliferation of online casinos on the threshold of the 21st century, video slots have become their natural content. Virtual slot machines are just like their real counterparts, with the only difference being that you do not have to drag the heavy pile of coins to the cashier window.

The most advanced slot machines are more like part of the machine of virtual reality: the graphic quality, level of detail, the degree of immersion - all these factors only increase the emotional impact on players. Slots are evolving to this day, keeping up with gambling, and apparently, their popularity has never come to naught. The percentage of the rates calculated in such a way that in the long game, the casino always wins more than the players. If the house edge is 5% in a particular game, it means that, ultimately, the casino will receive 5 cents of every dollar delivered. The percentage of return (Payback): Concept, opposite the casino advantage. Percentage of return determines what percentage of each dollar staged a slot machine returns to the player. If the slot promises 85% return, the player gets 85 percent (on average) each supplied with the dollar; Thus, the advantage of such a machine in a casino is 15%. Ideally, the return rate of the gaming machine must be not less than 90%, in particular when it comes to network slots.

Includes a variety of "armed bandits", which at long game, the player collects bonus amount in the "bank" of the machine. After completing certain missions in the game the player gets access to the accumulated bonuses in the "bank". These slots are pushing the players to play longer, as a result of which the player spends more money. If you play the "real" casinos and leave the game before the mission, it means that you leave all of your bonuses for the next player.

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