Play Blackjack Strategy

Today, it is not known which country was the birthplace of the game we know as Blackjack. There are a large number of similar games by different names: the British "Pontoon" and "scheme de Schifrin" and familiar to all "twenty-one". Thoroughly it is known only that the name Black Jack comes from the State of Illinois.

One day in 1912 in a local casino town of Evansville, among other visitors were invited to play "twenty-one". The rules were drawn up in such a way that the casino gets a very great benefit, so wanting to try was a bit of a novelty. Then the owners of the casino decided to attract customers by simplifying the rules and making them more profitable for the players. Thus it was introduced a special charge 3 to 2 for a combination of an ace and a jack black suit. This combination of added game  excitement, and among the regulars called Black Jack, which soon shifted to the whole game.

After these events, Blackjack has been gaining popularity as a benefit because the casino has decreased significantly. However, the casino anyway had a slight advantage. However, everything has changed in the 60 years of the last century, when the game has undergone the first test of mathematical analysis and probability of loss became apparent beneficial cards. Several systems have been developed, which are used to this day, and are constantly improving. These systems can not only reduce the benefit casinos to zero, but even to profit to the player, and the most sophisticated and advanced strategies provide benefit to 2%. Basically, the strategy focused on the calculation of the arrival of low-card and to determine the favorable moments for increasing rates.

Black Jack became world popular game due to the simplicity of its rules (if you play without using strategy, you can learn it in one or two games). They began to appear varieties blackjack, but it's still based on the same principles lie. Often the game is no longer a single deck of cards, and two or more, which adds a special acuteness for fans calculations and probabilities. Summarizing, we can say that the game is only having a certain knowledge and skills. It is necessary to learn the art of counting cards, read books about blackjack strategy game, practice with friends or in a free online simulator. Skill itself does not appear. But when you will have those skills, go back to a real casino and test your strength!

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