How To Play Slot Machines

Just online, you can find thousands of different slots, so that all or prepress. It is foolish to try and describe everything, but here on the website "Online Slots" is the base for more than a thousand slots popular online casino. Therefore, here I will try to give an overview of the gaming machines, divided into four main groups. The first historical group, the so-called classic slots : usually three reels, one to five lines - these are the heirs of the last century mechanical slots. The vast majority of today's slot machines fall into the category of video slots . This is a purely computer games, usually five reels of nine to a hundred lines (or latest beeline variants) with a tremendous bonus features. From pubs in the UK came online AWP-slots : they are based on the classic slot, but it added features such as hold and boost lines and specific bonus games. Something like the ASP -Multi-Spin Slots : the basis is also a classic single line slot, which can hold any number of characters that are in multilane video poker carry over several rows. Finally, it is quite rare and exotic novelties, often seemingly not like the slots assigned to the special . Some non-standard casino games include it here.

Almost every casino has slots jackpots. The casino of the major Western manufacturers such as Microgaming, PlayTech, Crypto logic, RTG, the value of the individual jackpots can exceed a million dollars! Typically, jackpots are awarded for the most rare combination, sometimes even on the strictly defined line, something where you have to win a special jackpot game, but become more and more popular, and random jackpots that are simply issued randomly, the more you play, the higher the chance to get. Jackpots, of course, many increase interest in the game, although the chances to disrupt large sum indeed extremely small. In addition, unfortunately, the game with a jackpot usually have a lower expectation. In theory, when a large jackpot game can be profitable for the player, but in practice it is extremely rare, and learn about this easy.

Yes, unfortunately, know the expectation of the gaming machine is not easy. For this we need to know the layout of all the characters, and the casino are usually not published. So often we can only make assumptions, but look at the results of the game "makes" or "does not give." Furthermore, slots are united by the fact that there are optimal strategy. The player makes a bet, and farther away from him nothing depends. And even in the bonus games where you have to choose something, the optimal strategy is not, this is a purely random process. Therefore, in the pages of this section will not be part of the strategy for the lack thereof. If we try to estimate the expectation, the classic slots it is generally in the range 90-98%, in video slots can reach 99% (although often 95-98%), ASP - 70-90%. Multi-Spin and special even difficult to estimate, probably also in the area of ??90-98%.

Again, the feelings. You should be fun game play (graphics, sound), the machine must be sufficiently generous. But different players are looking in different slots: someone like free spins with winnings multiplied, albeit rarely fall, but generously rewarded, the other - a beautiful (and preferably also generous) bonus games, and others prefer a small but frequent gains. In general, try, look like slots, the choice is huge, certainly find a suitable. If you do not want to spend money on experiences, there is always a practice mode, which will allow to evaluate the game.

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