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In the market of online casino company Games OS (previously - COX) - a relative newcomer. Individual casinos with this software is not much, and they are not on the first roles, although many large casinos and bookies are taking a package of flash games from Games OS . Not so long ago (late 2011), the company began to offer its customers a free mobile casino. Now is not all casinos offer the mobile version, but probably their number will grow with time.

Since this new mobile software, the company did not engage in a dead-end Java version. At the moment, there is only a browser for HTML-version smart phones (Android version from 2.1, iPhone / iOS from the iPhone 3G). Package games currently consists of 14 pieces. The focus is on card games, especially blackjack, of which different versions (including Pontoon, Spanish, and in the open) already six. Plus two roulette (American and European), Baccarat, Casino Hold'em, video poker and cherty? linen three types of video slots. Unfortunately, the online casinos themselves are not very actively informed of the mobile version. On one site tab "Mobile Casino" is, in plain text, even without reference specifies what address it is necessary to go to launch mobile casino. On another site I could not find any information about the presence of the mobile version, I found the address somehow accidentally and indirectly ... In both cases, no redirection to the mobile site at call from the phone to the casino site. But the undoubted advantage of the software is Justification. In fact, the interface of games, different internal pages, including assistance Crucified. In general, it is not surprising, because the company Games OS has Latvian roots, although primarily oriented to Western markets.

Registration is available both through the website and the online casino and from the phone. Forms with virtually the same, even the "catch" must be filled. Play "on the wrappers" available without registration, and information about your overall balance is not saved, every time you give a 500 game. With phone available and virtually all methods IO. The comparison between computer and phone showed that smart phone available only on Monet. Let me remind you again that the software,
including cash, Crucified of local payment methods have coin and Web Money.

I did not look for a large number of casinos with the software. I repeat that it is still not the most famous and popular software. Initially, there was a review of the casino You Spades , but it is already closed. I give a link to another casino: Adam Eve - a relatively new casino, possibly with Russian roots. Online casino software in addition Games OS offers more Plastic , but mobile, only Games OS. Casino does not offer special mobile bonuses, but all give a $ 50 no deposit at registration! So you can try the game completely for free. In addition, it provides various bonuses on the first deposit (depending on the amount and the games that you want to play) and reload bonuses.

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