Thing You Should not Do if You Hit the Jackpot

Perhaps, everyone has thought what he would do if he won the lottery. A lot of dreams may come true if you get much money. But is it so easy and pleasant to be the owner of million of dollars or so?

Of course, yes. But, nevertheless, on the Internet and in newspapers, there are many stories about such lucky beggars but some of them have rather bad end. So how to avoid the common mistakes of jackpot winners? Here are some tips.

Keep the mouth shut

To win the lottery is a very exciting thing and this lucky person wants to share this great news with others, including family members, relatives and lots of friends via social networks, email, etc. But the majority of lawyers recommend staying anonymous. Besides that, this option is available in some states of the USA and other countries.

Do not forget about taxes

If the winner takes all sum of the jackpot at once, then he or she will have to overpass the full taxation. The sum will be really high. In order to avoid such an unpleasant situation, it is more effectively to have the winnings distributed via ten or even more years, for example, 25-30. In such a case, the winner will still pay taxes but their amount will be less. Besides that, the person will have enough time to wisely spend this money.

Be patient and calm

The first thing that comes to the mind is to buy everything to want and dream about. Huge expensive house, own plain, sport car - is that really what you want? See what happens when you win the lottery. Of course, now the person has enough money to buy all that stuff. But all decisions should be well considered and careful in order not to regret about what you have done.  

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