Best Blackjack Variations

Blackjack, as well as poker, appeared in America in the 19th century on the basis of similar European games. The casino was in the early 20th century, the game was pretty fast gaining popularity, but the maximum surge in popularity, who brought the game to clear market leaders gambling US can be attributed to 60-70ym years when the book first came out, Roger Baldwin «The Optimum Strategy in Blackjack »with the best strategy, and later Edward Thorpe« Beat the Dealer »with information on counting cards and the possibility of obtaining the benefits of the player in the game! The ability to beat the casino turned his head a lot, some managed to cash in bad (for example, the film "21" is based on real events), but also the casino did not go for nothing, because new players have received, not all of which could be a plus-counters.

Part of the struggle with counters (and overall popularity of the game) was the emergence of a variety of modified rules. For example, they began to play not one, but two, six or eight decks simultaneously. Somewhere allowed, and in some cases banned surrender was or not checking for Blackjack and more. As a result, now we can find dozens of different versions of the rules that may vary slightly and strategy, and the expectation of the game. Most versions of such games give their names, for example, Atlantic (rule popular in Atlantic City casinos), Vegas, Strip (not on the strip, and the rules on the most popular street casino Vegas - Strip), Classic, European (one card dealer rent without checking for blackjack), Single / Double-Deck, Big 5 (respectively 1, 2 or 5 decks of the game). Consider all of these small species often differ only in some small change, not possible, therefore, see the general rules on the page blackjack . When the game is popular, of course, there are different variations of it.

On the basis of blackjack appeared about a dozen different games, rules and strategies are already quite different from the original. In the name of these games often found the "magic" number 21, because the goal of blackjack and unique - to get 21 points or close to it without going over the amount. All these games, which can be found in the popular online casino, there are on this site. In addition, a separate page devoted to casino bonus rates. Many establishments offer additional bets in blackjack , which also change the name of the game, for example, can be found Bonus, HiLo13, High Streak, Perfect Pair, Progressive Blackjack. Normally, these rates are not very profitable, however, briefly to meet them.

Unfortunately, the online player is unlikely to get an advantage over the casino. Just score card based on the account published cards when the deck for a long time does not mix. On the Internet, the computer can easily mix the deck after each delivery, which is done, as a result of counting cards becomes relevant (although there are exceptions - video casino , where there is a real game video tartly there system is similar to offline casinos and you can try to counter his career). But even without counting blackjack cards and games based on it offer some of the highest chance of success, they have the lowest house edge! This optimal strategy is not very complicated, in A majority of cases it is possible to remember, and if laziness - printed on a sheet of paper, and keep ahead.

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